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Increase your business with qualified leads from fellow business partners.


Join us for breakfast

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Every week...

…we meet to trade business back and forth, and that is all we do.

Join Us

We all have other groups that we belong to for community service or charity, this one is strictly for growing our business. Members of our group all have extensive experience in their field and a large client base. We know how to find and send business opportunities to our friends in the chapter, we are good at it.

If you join our group, you will have near 30 experienced professionals on the hunt for business leads for you in the dozens of client contacts we all have each day. The ideal member is in a profession where they need to find their own customers, is experienced, and fully licensed, insured/bonded (where applicable) in their field and does it on a full time basis. Your schedule must allow you to make most of the weekly breakfast meetings.

Simply come out for a free breakfast as our guest to see how the meeting works, how much business is passed back and forth, and then decide if it might fit into your business plan. We look forward to meeting you!